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PG&E and SCE's Lobbying and Gov. Brown's Proposed

PG&E and SCE's Lobbying and Gov. Brown's Proposed

PG&E and SCE are lobbying Sacramento to change California’s application of inverse condemnation law to investor-owned utilities. They are also trying to have California pass a bond measure that would require ratepayers to reimburse the bonds used to finance wildfire settlements.

Just yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown sent his proposal to amend California’s inverse condemnation law to the floor of the legislature. Governor Brown’s bill, if adopted, will severely limit the liability of investor-owned utilities, like PG&E and SCE, for future wildfires (the bill would apply only to fires started after January 1, 2018). Critics of the bill, as well as your legal team, are concerned that companies like PG&E and SCE, with a long history of corporate negligence and malfeasance, will embolden the utilities to flout safety regulations. We are also concerned this bill will shift the costs of future wildfires from utility shareholders to insurance companies, and ultimately to individual wildfire victims themselves. There is an August 31, deadline for the bill to pass.

Articles that describe the legislation and what’s at stake:

To counter PG&E and SCE’s lobbyists and ensure our communities will not be left with the bill for utilities’ negligence, we have joined with: several firms from the Thomas Fire Court-appointed leadership team (we have 3 attorneys on the team), members of the 2017 North Bay Fires leadership teams, and an organization called “Up From the Ashes.” ( Collectively, our team is lobbying the legislature to resist PG&E and SCE’s demands for a free-pass on their liabilities. Several of our attorneys will be attending a rally on the steps of the state capital, on August 8th, 2018, at 10:00 am. We are inviting our clients to join us.