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Geoff Spreter

Geoff Spreter

SpreterTireless, fearless, and aggressive, Geoff brings over nine years of wildfire litigation experience, with tens of millions of dollars in recovery for his clients. Geoff has extensive experience in litigating wildfires; his firm has worked: the 2007 San Diego Wildfire, 2011 Coughlin Ranch Fire, 2013 Pfeiffer Fire, 2015 Butte Fire, 2016 Erskine Fire, and 2017 North Bay Fires.

For years, Geoff litigated the massive 2007 San Diego Wildfires against SDG&E, wherein he represented over 600 clients (resulting in over $55 million in settlements). Geoff’s firm was named to the trial team in this action, and appointed the Single Enterprise Liability Discovery Coordinator, wherein Geoff personally deposed twelve senior Sempra Energy and SDG&E corporate officers (including Sempra’s President, Chief Financial Officer, and Director of Corporate Strategy).

In 2013, Mr. Spreter’s firm was appointed co-lead counsel in the Coughlin Ranch Fire litigation, which resulted in a confidential settlement with NV Energy, resolving the claims of 57 fire victims.

Geoff currently represents over 260 individuals who lost homes, property, and landscaping in the 2016 Erskine Fire; his firm is co-lead counsel in the matter. He travels often to Lake Isabella, CA to meet with his clients.

Geoff received his BS in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Finance, and a post-baccalaureate certificate in accountancy from San Diego State University. Geoff subsequently became an analyst for LPL Financial, a national brokerage firm. Geoff went on to graduate from University of San Diego, School of Law, where he specialized in business and tax law.