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Ben Petiprin

Ben Petiprin

PetiprinBen Petiprin is a seasoned litigator, having worked years directly against utilities on behalf of wildfire victims. Ben brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Ventura Fire Lawyers. Ben and Geoff met in 2006, in Florence, Italy while studying law abroad. Ben and Geoff came partnered in 2017 to create a firm dedicated to representing individuals in mass causality incidents, against corporations and utilities.

Ben began working on wildfire litigation in 2007 with Geoff, as counsel for plaintiffs in the San Diego Wildfires. Together they represented over 300 clients, resulting in $55M in settlements. Ben currently represents over 200 individuals who lost everything in the 2016 Erskine Fire. Ben has chaired numerous trials, taken hundreds of depositions, and represented thousands of clients. Mr. Petiprin brings his unique skillset to Ventura Fire Lawyers.

Ben's experience also includes working directly with insurance adjustors and managers, gaining unique insight in the process afforded the insured individual, when making claims under insurance policies. This insight enables Ben to obtain maximum when insurance is involved, and guide our clients through the insurance claims process.

Always approachable and reachable, Ben works tirelessly to bring justice and compensation to our clients.